What I do for plan sponsors:

401K Ventures is an independent advisor to plan sponsors on the investment vehicles in their plans. As fiduciaries, plan administrators are charged with managing their 401(k)s to best practices. This means that a great deal of thought and attention needs to be given to the selection of the mutual funds, how many and what types to include and benchmarking their performance on a continuous basis. The process for all of this should be detailed in the Investment Policy Statement and should be followed rigorously to reduce exposure to any liability. When implemented with good information, plan participants can be assured of a solid foundation for their investments and administrators can rest assured that their plan is in compliance with published regulations. 

  • I will help write an Investment Policy Statement for the Plan

  • I monitor and benchmark the funds in the Plan on an ongoing basis

  • I recommend mutual funds to replace those that are underperforming

  • I help select mutual funds from an array of thousands of choices in all categories:

U.S. Stocks: Growth and Value, Large cap, Small cap, Mid-cap
Bonds: Treasury, Corporate, International, Emerging Markets
International Stocks: Developed markets, Emerging markets, Frontier market
Real Estate

What I do for employees: 

I began providing investment education seminars to employees almost 20 years ago. It was very clear then that employees lacked the knowledge to successfully invest their retirement savings. It’s better today, but not much. Employees are investing more in equities, as they should, but not with the knowledge that stocks will help their portfolios grow faster. The reason most often stated is that they invest in stock mutual funds because the money market fund doesn’t pay interest. They need practical, sage 
advice that will enable them to successfully plan for their future. 

Investment Workshops:

Workshops offer a comprehensive overview of investing for retirement in a large group setting. In general, a workshop consists of a presentation which lasts approximately one hour followed by an equally informative Q & A session. Employees receive investment information and perspective on stocks, bonds, and the investment process. Typically, companies schedule workshops during the lunch hour so the sessions don't interfere with the daily work schedule. Many companies choose to offer registrations for private individual or breakout sessions for smaller groups following the workshop. 

Individual Counseling:

One-on-one counseling usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes and is a very effective way to affect change in an employees’ participation in the plan and their portfolio. I have found this approach to be almost 100% effective as employees will return to their office and make the changes discussed in the meeting without delay. Employees are also encouraged to invite their spouses to the session to participate in the discussion. Additionally, it is my practice to always make myself available to the participants 
should they have questions that arise later on. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting or schedule a group meeting please contact me.
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