Wealth Coach

Many people are managing their own finances with the knowledge they’ve gained from books, the web, their network, their experience and the media. For some, their own research is enough. Others feel more confident investing with the added guidance or consultation from a professional investment manager. As a wealth coach for my clients, I offer guidance on constructing their portfolio and advice regarding other financial issues they may be facing. Their need is not for full-time asset management but rather, an hourly consult from time to time. This service has become increasingly popular for many people as managing a personal investment portfolio has become more complex. 

In conversations within networks and between friends, people often find that they share common concerns about their finances and their investments. As a wealth coach, I enjoy customizing private workshops for group sessions to talk about the capital markets and how to structure portfolios for the short and long term. These “Tupperware” sessions are very engaging and constructive according to the feedback I receive. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting or schedule a group meeting please contact me.
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